About Us

Eleni's Kitchen

Thank you for your interest in Eleni’s Kitchen, LLC.

Our mission is to provide the best and authentic Ethiopian food products. Our first product, “The Original Kulet – Red Pepper Sauce”, is the Ultimate Stew Maker. Eleni’s Kitchen “The Original Kulet – Red Pepper Sauce” is simmered onions, berbere (Ethiopian spiced red chili pepper powder), oil (olive), garlic, ginger and other spices; it is the base for preparing gourmet lentil, beef, chicken or other types of stews. Our product evokes the traditional, open-flame style of Ethiopian cooking and is rich in exotic aromas.

About Eleni

The founder and manager, Eleni Woldeyes, set up her company, Eleni’s Kitchen, LLC, in order to share the unique flavors and exotic aromas of Ethiopian foods with the world. Eleni is committed to providing Ethiopian foods made from all natural ingredients.