Eleni’s Kitchen Red Pepper Sauce at Coop Grocery Store in Portland, Oregon

Eleni’s Kitchen Red Pepper Sauce was featured in the “Front Lines,” a publication of Food Front, a Coop Grocery Store in Portland, Oregon. Here’s the full text of the article.

It all started with a dream to have simple-to-cook, yet authentically prepared Ethiopian sauce with which one could cook delicious meals at any time. With the knowledge of traditional Ethiopian cooking and with the help of her mother, Eleni spent almost two years looking for authentic Ethiopian spices at markets in Oregon. She brought together the best spices that resulted in her company’s first product: Eleni’s Kitchen Kulet-Red Pepper Sauce—sautéed simmered sauce (called Kulet in Ethiopia) prepared from onions, berbere (spiced red chili powder), vegetable oil (canola, soybean), garlic, ginger & other spices. This sauce is the base used to prepare gourmet stews (beef, lentils, chicken, etc). Made from all natural ingredients, making a stew from Eleni’s Kitchen Red Pepper Sauce is as easy: just add a few cups of water to a pot with a jar of the Red Pepper Sauce and lentils, beef or chicken, and cook for 30 minutes or until the lentils are done or the meat is tender. Eleni’s Kitchen, LLC is locally operated in Hillsboro. —Gary Koppen, your Grocery Manager.